[Disclaimer]  Lloyden Consultancy Limited is a private consulting company in Hong Kong.  We are not affiliated with the Hong Kong Immigration Department.  Official information of the Hong Kong Immigration Department can be obtained freely on their website (www.immd.gov.hk).  We produce here a user-friendly website which helps you easier to understand about the different visa options.  Please find here our value added services.

Hong Kong Immigration

Hong Kong Immigration Department is governed by local immigration ordinance, internal rules and procedures.  Each visa application is assessed by a specific case officer.  Though there are suggested requirements for each type of application, the final documents or information requested by each case officer will never be the same.  The assessment is entirely discretionary on each scenario by each officer.  This is why the process is so difficult for most people who are planning to settle in Hong Kong.

The processing time is, realistically, about 2 months since submission of an application.  Or according to the Department, it will be 4-6 weeks after "submission of all documents required".  However, the officer might only send you a reply in 4 weeks' time to request for further documents, and the 4-6 weeks pledge will start again after your submission of the further documents requested.  So, one should allow at least 2 months for the Hong Kong Immigration Department to process an application.  The visa validity of a first time approval is, maximum, 12 months.  A visa might be approved with a shorter validity.

Please select from the right the category best described your situation and see the requirements for your visa application.

Lloyden provides services for all types of applications to Hong Kong Immigration Department, including any first-time applications, re-considerations and visa extensions.  Our Hong Kong inbound immigration function is managed by an experienced ex-immigration official.

H.K.I.D. Cards (Hong Kong Identity Cards) are automatically granted once the visa applications have been approved for more than six months.  In order to become a Hong Kong resident, visa applications should always come first.

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