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Company or Employee

Investment Visa or Employment Visa?  If you would like to work in Hong Kong, you will need an investment or employment visa.  Both investment and employment visas belong to the category "Employment".  So, no matter which one you're applying, the final visa label or stamp will only say "Employment".

Investment Visa is for those who would like to set up their business in Hong Kong.  They are owners of the business and would like to station in Hong Kong to manage it.  You will need to proof your previous management experience and to submit a business plan.  Other information like personal financial proof and initial capital of the business are also required.  The key consideration for an investment visa application is the benefits to Hong Kong.  Therefore, the intention of creating local positions is a must.  Since an investment visa application differs in its own business model, Hong Kong Immigration Department never states the specific requirements for how many local staff should be employed, what is the initial capital required for a new company, or any expat-local staff ratio, ...etc.

Forming a company and have the business registration certificate ready is a pre-requisite for filing an investment visa application.  You will also need a Hong Kong permanent resident to act as a guarantor.

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Employment Visa is for a foreign employee to work in Hong Kong.  The company is required to provide a fixed monthly salary to the employee.  Hong Kong Immigration Department will not consider pure commission basis salary, part-time or freelance employment for an employment visa application.  The position offered should be of a managerial or supervisory level.  The key consideration for an employment visa application is the relevant working experience and academic background of the applicant; meanwhile the employing company is required to proof that they cannot possibly find a local candidate to fill up such position.  A fresh university graduate is extremely difficult to apply for an employment visa.  Pure language skill or family ties are also not strong enough to justify for an application.

Another consideration for an employment visa application is the establishment of the employing company.  Generally speaking the longer the history and the larger in size of the employing company, the less questions will be asked about the company.  For a newly established company of less than 18 months operation, and employing less than 4 staff, immigration might even ask for a business plan (though applying only for an employment but not an investment visa), and also personal information of the business owners.

An employment visa application is not necessary easier to apply than an investment visa.  Generally people might take the meaning of "employment" or "investment" too literally and do not expect questions of an employment visa application similar to an investment one.  However, immigration officers have large extent of discretion on the documents required for each application.  They take a discretionary approach on their assessment between an employment and an investment visa application, rather than a literal one.

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