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Spouse or Partner

Dependant Visas are for direct family members joining their Sponsors in Hong Kong.  Hong Kong residents (valid employment or capital investment visa holders) are able to bring along their unmarried dependant children under 18 years old and spouse to Hong Kong.  For permanent residents (permanent HKID card holders), they can apply also for their aged dependant parents over 60 years old to join them in Hong Kong.  However, dependants of Student Visa holders are not allowed to work in Hong Kong.  All dependants are allowed to study.

If your family members are Mainland Chinese residents currently residing in Mainland China, they will not qualify for the dependant visas unless they have secured permanent residency in a foreign country.  However, if the Sponsors are admitted to Hong Kong under the Mainland Talents and Professional Admission Scheme, the Sponsors can bring along their unmarried dependant children under 18 years old and spouse to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Immigration Department does not recognise common law or defacto relationships.  Defacto partners will not qualify for dependant visas, but might be qualified for a discretionary long-visa status explained below.

Pro-long Visitor Visas (based on a defacto relationship) are for unmarried partners who have been in a common law or defacto relationship for at least 12 months.  This is a discretionary application by the Department and it requires the couple to show evidence of co-habitation for at least 12 months before submission of the application.  A pro-long visitor visa is usually issued for 6 months (the validity, any period under 6 months, is entirely on the discretion of the Department).  The visa can be renewed for another 6 months before it expires.  A pro-long visitor visa is not a resident visa, so the holder will not qualify for a HKID card.  Some visa-free nationals might have 6 months visitor status upon their entry to Hong Kong.  It is still advisable for defacto partners of such nationals to apply for the pro-long visitor visas as they cannot continuously extend their visitor visas by traveling in and out of Hong Kong.  However, a pro-long visitor visa can be renewed provided the relationship is unchanged and fulfilled the other requirements.

The requirements for a dependant visa application and pro-long visitor visa (based on a defacto relationship) are the same.  The key consideration of the applications is that sponsors are required to show that they can support their dependants living in Hong Kong comfortably.  The sponsors are required to show documents to proof their financial situations, such as pay slips, employment contract, bank statements and other assets, ...etc.  In some situations the dependants might be more financially sound than the sponsors, but from the immigration stand point, the Department is only interested in the sponsor's financial situation.

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