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Money Investor - suspended since Jan 2015

The Capital Investment Scheme is also known as the HK$10 million Investment Scheme.  It is for pure monetary investor to invest in Hong Kong, while they can enjoy being a resident here.


The following information only applies to applications submitted before 15 January 2015.

The scheme is applicable to foreign nationals (except nationals of Afghanistan, Albania, Cuba and Democratic People's Republic of Korea), residents of Macao SAR and Taiwan, and Chinese nationals who have obtained permanent resident status in other foreign countries.

In order to qualify for the scheme, applicants must be over 18 years old and fulfill the following requirements:

1. In possession of not less than HK$10 million net assets throughout the 2 years preceding the application.

2. The HK$10 million investment is required to be made within six months before submission of the application and six months after approval in principle is granted.

3. Applicants are able to support their living, with any dependants, in Hong Kong without relying on any return of the HK$10 million investment made.

4. It is not allowed to withdraw any capital gain from the requisite minimum level of HK$10 million investment if its market value rises about the original requisite level.  Rental income, cash dividend income and interest income derived from permissible financial assets are exempted and can be retained by the applicants.  However, if the investment falls below the requisite minimum level of HK$10 million under the Scheme, there is no need to top up the value of investment back to HK$10 million level.

5. Any changes of investment portfolio should be clearly recorded in details for further visa extensions.  The entire proceeds from any sales of the initial requisite assets are required to be reinvested in full.

6. Applicants are allowed to invest in  Financial Assets (include Equities, Debt Securities, Certificates of Deposits, Subordinated Debt, and Eligible Collective Investment Schemes published at Immigration website).

7. No convicted or adverse record in any countries.

Successful applicants under the Scheme can bring along their spouse and unmarried children under 18 to Hong Kong under the requirements of Dependant Visas.

Upon 7 years continuous ordinarily residency in Hong Kong, the Capital Investment Scheme visa holders can apply to become a permanent resident.  If the visa holders under the scheme did not qualify for permanent resident status, an Unconditional Stay Hong Kong Identity Card would be granted upon fulfilling the requirements for 7 years under the Scheme.

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