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Immigration News

Suspension of Capital Investment Entrant Scheme (Money Investor) (with effective from 15 January 2015)

The Chief Executive of Hong Kong announced on 14th January 2015 in his new Policy Address that the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme will be suspended immediately from the next day, 15th January 2015.

This sudden suspension of the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme will not affect those applications already submitted to Immigration. For those who have successfully obtained their visas under the Scheme, they can continue to follow the scheme rules for their further visa extensions.

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New Rules for Dependant Visa Holders (with effective from 15 May 2006)

Good news to all Dependant Visa holders (Employment Not Permitted) who admitted into Hong Kong after July 2003.

From 15th May 2006 onwards, dependants of sponsors who admitted to Hong Kong under employment, investment or capital investment visas are allowed to work in Hong Kong.  There will be no restrictions on the types of employment to be taken up of the above mentioned dependants, other than the time limitation as allowed on their visas.  However, dependants of Student Visa holders are not allowed to work in Hong Kong.

Existing Dependant Visa holders with “Employment Not Permitted” restriction printed on their visa labels can apply to Immigration to cancel the restriction free of charge.  Or the restriction will be automatically cancelled upon their next dependant visa extension. 

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Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (Point-tested scheme with quota) (with effective from 23 February 2006)

The Government announced on 23rd February 2006 detailed operation of the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS).  The new scheme is opened to all Mainland and overseas professionals to settle in Hong Kong , and will be launched by June 2006.

Successful applicants will be allowed to bring along their dependant spouse and children under 18 to Hong Kong.  Dependants are allowed to work or study.

The scheme will have 1,000 quotas for the first year and quotas for subsequent years will be advised by a committee appointed by the Chief Executive.

The major difference between the QMAS and the existing employment visa is that prior employment arrangement is not required for QMAS applicants.  Once the applications have been approved, QMAS applicants can take up whatever employment or set up their own companies in Hong Kong.

With successful applications, Immigration will grant 1-year visas initially.  The immigrants have to demonstrate that they have taken steps to settle in Hong Kong by securing gainful employment or establishing a business before Immigration will consider to further extend their visas.

If the QMAS immigrant cannot demonstrate the taking of any such steps, a one-year extension may be granted by Immigration at her discretion.

By the end of the first 36 months, the QMAS immigrants must demonstrate to Immigration that they have obtained gainful employment in a graduate/specialist/senior level job, or by having established a business of a reasonable size here.  Otherwise Immigration may not extend their visas further.

The assessment will comprise two phases.  During phase one, applicants will be assessed based on a point test which incorporate factors such as age, academic/professional qualifications, working experience, language proficiency, family connections in Hong Kong, spouse's achievement, number of dependent children, achievement in a particular field, etc.  A minimum passing mark will be set.  

However, the following requirements must be met:

1. Age between 18 – 50.

2. Financially sound without public assistance of H.K.

3. Good character with no criminal records.

4. Proficient in Cantonese, Putonghua or English.

5. A Bachelor Degree.

Having met the above requirements and the minimum passing mark, applicants will be ranked according to the scores they are awarded.  High scoring applicants will be shortlisted to enter a selection pool (Phase Two) for further comparison.  Quota will be granted to the most meritorious applicants.

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