Lloyden Consultancy Limited was incorporated in 2004 and managed by a Hong Kong ex-immigration official. Lloyden provides various types of in-bound Hong Kong immigration services to foreign nationals, SMEs, and multinational corporations to assist their relocation to Hong Kong.

We understand your needs and frustration when relocating yourself, your family, your company and your staff to a completely new environment, especially with differences in language, culture and laws.

In a business environment, you cannot afford to risk your competitiveness simply by misunderstanding the local rules and regulations. Unfortunately local knowledge is not the easiest thing to grasp.

LLOYDEN provides you the complete Hong Kong visa package for your relocation. We welcome corporates or business affiliates for long term co-operation.

Please contact us now to explore about LLOYDEN visa services and enjoy a hassle-free experience to Hong Kong.

Our Value Added Services.

1. Initial consultation to help you to decide upon what is the best visa option for you and your company.

2. Explain to you in plain and simple terms what are the technical requirements for each visa option.

3. Share with you our Director’s 24 years of Hong Kong Immigration experience.

4. Get your immigration questions answered with a “real person” (not phone answering system).

5. Able to foresee and advise you on any other hidden immigration issues of your situation with our all-round Hong Kong immigration knowledge.

6. Suggest you and your company on what documents are needed for your “specific” situation.

7. Prepare and fill in all necessary forms for you and your company’s signatures.

8. Review all your documents and make sure they are in good order before submission.

9. Advise on your company business plan to make sure it fits Immigration purpose.

10. Submit your application to Immigration in person with our in house staff.

11. Keep track with Immigration about your application processing time.

12. Keep you updated about the different stages of your application.

13. Send gentle and friendly reminders to Immigration and make sure the process is keep rolling.

14. Liaise directly with your case officer about your application.

15. Act on your and your company’s behalf with Immigration (so no need for you to contact with Immigration).

16. Explain your situation to Immigration if your officer has got any questions.

17. Advise you on any Immigration’s further questions / challenges about your application.

18. Collect and submit any documents to Immigration on your behalf.

19. Collect and deliver the approved visa label to your door / courier to your overseas address.

20. Keep you updated about any changes of the Immigration policy.

21. Send you reminders about your further visa extension and permanent resident application at the appropriate time.

Customer first

We treat every application as our own.


We love what we do!


We tell the truth but not an answer to please.


We offer the best and accurate advice.

Get a personal consultation.

A visa application is not a pure administrative process. We offer true consulting service tailored to your specific needs.

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