Investment Visas.

Investment Visas are for those who would like to set up their businesses in Hong Kong. They are owners of the business and would like to station in Hong Kong to manage it. You will need to proof your previous management experience and to submit a business plan to the Hong Kong Immigration Department. Other information like your personal financial proof and initial capital of the business are also required. The key consideration for an investment visa application is that the business is required to bring “significant” contributions to Hong Kong. The intention of creating local job opportunities is a must. The application of each investment visa differs in its own according to the different business models. Hong Kong Immigration Department has never stated the specific requirements of how many local employees should be hired and what is the initial capital required, …etc. The officer will assess the situation on a case-by-case basis.

Setting up a company and having the business registration certificate ready is a pre-requisite in order to file an investment visa application. You will also need a Hong Kong permanent resident to act as your local guarantor.

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