Investment Visa Extension

Investment Visa Extension


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Investment Visas are issued for business owners who have set up their businesses in Hong Kong.  With each investment visa application made to Hong Kong Immigration Department, a detailed business plan was required.  The key consideration for an investment visa application is that the business is required to bring “significant” contributions to Hong Kong.  The intention of creating local job opportunities and setting up a physical office is a must.

At the time of the visa extension, it offers an opportunity for Immigration Department to check how well a visa holder has achieved with the promises made in the initial submitted business plan.  An investment visa extension application is not just a form filling exercise.  The assigned case officer will ask and challenge your company’s situation.  It requires a lot of business proof with the submission.

LLOYDEN will represent you fully with the entire extension process to Hong Kong Immigration Department.  We will be able to offer you valuable advice on your specific situation, so that you can be better prepare for your extension before submission.