Student Visa

Student Visa


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Student Visas are for people being offered placement in one of the academic institutes in Hong Kong. Most student visas are issued to foreigners who study at a university in Hong Kong. If you would like to apply to study in a secondary or language school, or study any kind of short courses, you need to pay particular attention to whether the school is privately owned and has fulfilled all the government school licensing requirements.

Student visa applications to Hong Kong Immigration Department do not rely on a check-list assessment.  The officer will look into each specific application and may ask any further questions the officer sees appropriate.  That means once an application has been submitted, be prepared that further questions will be asked.  Usually processing time takes about 2 – 3 months for Hong Kong Immigration Department to complete.

LLOYDEN will represent you fully with the entire application process to Hong Kong Immigration Department.  Once the application is approved, we will send the student visa label by international courier directly to your door.