Hong Kong Visit Visa

Hong Kong Visit Visa


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An Entry Hong Kong Visit Visas are for visitors whose passports do not entitle to a visa-waiver concession from the Hong Kong Immigration Department (i.e. travellers from a non visa-free or non visa-waiver country).

Visitors from non visa-waiver countries must first apply for their entry visit visas before their arrival to Hong Kong. The requirement applies to transit passengers from non visa-waiver countries as well.

For nationals whose passports entitle them for visa free entry to Hong Kong but they would like to stay beyond the visa-free period, it will also require to apply for an entry visit visa before arrival.

The assessment of an entry Hong Kong visit visa application is discretionary based.  You must submit proof of your purpose of visit, details of accommodation arrangement, a return ticket, and personal financial proof.  Once an visit visa application has been submitted, the assessing officer may ask further questions regarding the situation.

LLOYDEN will be your representative and point of contact with Hong Kong Immigration Department for the entire process.  Once the application is approved, we will send the visa label by international courier directly to your door.